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HER Coffee Private Tasting Gather

November 4th, 2017, Shanghai

November 4th, 2017, 3-5pm

@Shanghai She Shan Golf Club (No. 288 Lin Yin Xin Lu, Songjiang District, Shanghai)

At HER Club we have forged relationship with our coffee roaster J. Peng from Taiwan for years to develop this specialty product!

French style wine brewing process

Ripe fruit with peel, slow drying, intermittent sun exposure, fermentation. Because the required fermentation control is not easy, and takes long, it is very difficult to get.

Country of origin: Indonesia, mount yushan in aceh province

Varieties: Typica, Borbon, TimTim

Harvest year: 2017

Palate: red currant, cranberry, jackfruit, grilled almonds, red wine, soft and sweet

Tasting card:

  • Perfect to just serve as black
  • If you add milk, you get to enjoy that special layer of berry charm
  • To drink from glassware it truly satisfies beyond just taste bud

PREMIUM TASTING PACKS AVAILABLE @HER GIFT SHOP, corporate order please contact:

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