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Fireside Chat 2018: Invest in Women's Potential

Hong Kong

Fireside Chat 2018 event will feature the theme of “POTENTIAL". We believe by defining, discovering and unlocking women's potential we can bring beneficial changes to our economy, society, business and families. From our bodies to our inner selves, women hold keys to unlock their own potential world and benefit others. On Podium R.E.D. we join each other to celebrate for the belief that there is potential in every woman everywhere. More details will be announced, stay tuned ...


Date: March, 2018
Location: Hong Kong

Format: Panel discussion, interactive networking, art & wine

Audience: Women leaders, entrepreneurs, senior women executives and rising women leaders

• What is defined as potential in women?
• What qualities must women develop to achieve their unique/full potential?
• What does it take to develop latent potential in nascent female leaders?
• How to identify where women potential is mostly buried/neglected?
• Recognising and encouraging entrepreneurship skills in women around us.
• Empowering women to lead and take more responsibilities in the workplace.
   and more ...

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